AN AFTERNOON TEA I wish I had a twin sister, said Patty; no, that wouldn't do, either. I wish I were twins, and could be both of them myself. What a sensible wish! commented Nan. But why do you want to double yourself up in that way? So I could go to two places at once. Here I have two lovely invitations for this afternoon, and I don't know which I want to accept most. One is a musicale at Mrs. Hastings', and the other is a picture exhibition at the New Gallery. They sound delightful. Can't you manage to go to both? No, they're too far apart; and they're both at four o'clock, anyway. I think I'll choose the musicale, for I'll surely get another chance to see the pictures. Yes, of course you will, agreed Nan, a little absently, for she was reading some newly arrived letters.

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