Throughout your life, you've had numerous everyday conversations and other experiences in which a small observation---perhaps a single sentence someone spoke to you---resonated so strongly that you still remember it years later. The "pearls of wisdom" that arose from such small encounters helped shape your values, how you think about yourself, and how you interact with others. In "Pearls from Sand: How Small Encounters Lead to Powerful Lessons", Karl Wiegers presents more than three dozen of the personal pearls of wisdom he's accumulated over his life. You'll find that many of these lessons will apply to your life, as well. Karl describes the experiences and conversations that led to each pearl, along with ways that you can apply them to enhance your own happiness and fulfillment. The 37 life lessons, revealed and illustrated through dozens of true anecdotes, are grouped into six categories: interpersonal pearls, personal pearls, inspirational pearls, practical pearls, cautionary pearls, and professional pearls. "Pearls from Sand" will: Give you many insightful and practical ideas about how to apply these lessons to your own life, Encourage you to think of your own pearls of wisdom, the experiences that led to them, and how they can guide your thoughts and actions, AND Motivate you to find opportunities to pass along your own life lessons to your children, life partner, friends, and colleagues. Daily life is full of opportunities to learn and grow---if you're paying attention and receptive to the message. Read "Pearls from Sand" to learn how to detect, assess, absorb, and apply these powerful life lessons.

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