The evidence is extensive. Good communication has clear benefits for the clinician. Clinicians who interview well have a number of advantages, including the capability of gathering a full data base and of interviewing efficiently. Easy-to-read, compelling, and comprehensive in coverage, Pediatric Interviewing: A Practical, Relationship-Based Approach outlines effective strategies for interviewing parents and children efficiently. Topics covered include engaging patients and families, efficiently and smoothly obtaining a history of present illness and making a good differential diagnosis, uncovering hidden agendas, collaborative discussion in diagnosis and treatment, practicing family oriented care, taking a full social history, and all other aspects of carrying out the pediatric interview. Offering clear, practical tips and a wide range of targeted case examples, this invaluable title emphasizes the importance of combining the biological and psychological aspects of patient care seamlessly. Most important, Pediatric Interviewing: A Practical, Relationship-Based Approach is based on relationship theory, the underlying foundation of successful clinical interviewing and a major determinant of optimal diagnosis, treatment, and health outcomes. Pediatric Interviewing: A Practical, Relationship-Based Approach is an indispensable guide for all clinicians engaged in the care of children and adolescents.

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