Pediatric Nuclear Medicine has emerged as the standard text in the field. This timely new edition reflects the latest advances in PET, SPECT, and oncology. It has been thoroughly revised and updated to incorporate cutting-edge diagnostic techniques. The third edition serves as an excellent resource for physicians whose nuclear medicine practices include children and provides a vast amount of background material for residents in training.Strategically expanded throughout, the third edition features:- Discussions and examples of PET in pediatric oncology, neurology, and cardiology- A revamped chapter on SPECT- Explanations of the latest applications of SPECT- Presentation of comparative studies with MRI and CT, including image registration and fusion among MRI/SPECT, MRI/PET, SPECT/PET, SPECT/CT, and PET/CT- Revised sections on the cardiovascular system, the genitourinary system, neuroblastoma, scrotal scintigraphy, and thyroid diseases- Expanded coverage of oncology

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