This book looks at the penguins - an enduringly popular and fascinating group of birds. Penguins are assosciated in the public consciousness with the icecap of the south pole, and we are all familiar with images of male Emperor Penguins clustered together through the long night of the Antartic winter as they incubate the single egg on their feet. However, several species occur in warmer regions further north, in southern Africa, South America, Australia, New Zealand and even the Galapagos. All are flightless but are beautifully adapted swimmers and divers, and many are able to travel at high speeds on dry land by means of spectacular leaps and belly-slides.Most species breed in close-knit colonies and exhibit a complex system of social behaviour. This book looks at all aspects of penguin evolution, biology, ecoloy and sociobiology, as well as conservation issues affecting the group. It is illustrated with line drawings and black and white photographs, and has a full-colour photographic section."

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