'A highly engaging and accessible text that will absorb students into the study of Penology for many years to come. The book will appeal to theoretical purists and policy actors alike. Most of all, it is students wishing to immerse themselves in the hidden and complex world of the prison who will find this text stimulating and through-provoking. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and wish only that such texts were available during my studies.' - Dr Laura Piacentini, Reader in Criminology, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. 'A clearly written introduction to penology studies that not only summarises the criminological literature but also provides useful advice to undergraduate students on essay-writing, getting the most out of lectures, revision and handling exam nerves.'. Mary Bosworth, Centre for Criminology, University of Oxford. 'An invaluable, highly accessible guide for all students wanting to get the most out of their studies of punishment and penal institutions.'. Dr Elaine Crawley, Senior Lecturer in Criminology, University of Salford. As part of the SAGE Course Companion series, this book provides a comprehensive introduction and overview of the discipline of penology. It provides hints and tips on how to apply this information to maximum effect in coursework and examinations. This is a highly accessible text for those new to prison studies, or for anyone looking for a refresher. It provides structure and background for all prison and punishment modules on undergraduate criminology and criminal justice degrees. Written in a straightforward and clear style, the book gives detailed explanations for all academic terms used. The Penology Course Companion provides:

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