Fit in with the locals and avoid embarrassment by using the right phrase. As you plan your trip to Italy, remember to pack this phrasebook! It is the only one that not only has the words and phrases you need to communicate clearly but also explains how to use them. With this knowledge, you will enjoy your journey and make a good impression on the Italians as you visit their country. Useful Italian phrases and their correct usage: Buongiorno! Good morning. (Boo-ON-JOR-no) To avoid embarrassment, when greeting a woman it is better to just say Buongiorno! and not Buongiorno, signora / signorina (Good morning, ma'am / Miss). Potrebbe portarmi il conto, per favore? Could you please bring me the bill? (Po-TREB-beh por-TAR-mee eel KOHN-toh pair fah-VO-reh) In the bill you will always find a charge of a few euros for the coperto (cover charge) and servizio (service) to pay for service and bread. Scusi, dov'e l'obliteratrice? ...

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