What's the solution to the world's growing energy problem?PERFECT POWERElectric usage is rising. Fuel costs are rocketing. Blackouts are happening more frequently. Why? Because our electrical power system--built on a vast network of resources including nuclear energy, natural gas, water, and coal--has become woefully outdated, increasingly expensive, and dangerously fragile. We need to change the current system, and we need to do it now.Written by business visionary and former Motorola chairman Robert Galvin, Perfect Power shows us how to create a perfect system that can deliver power where needed, at an astonishing reliability standard of 99.9999999 percent. By super-charging the Six Sigma concepts that Galvin developed as the founder and CEO at Motorola, we canMeet the energy reliability and quality needs of the Digital AgeGenerate new goods and services that create jobs, empower consumers, and lower energy costEliminate wasteful spending on our electrical infrastructure that can be used for peak power needsFacilitate local, regional, and, ultimately, national energy independenceFundamentally reduce the impact of energy on the environmentInvest in the microgrid revolutionEnergy providers and policy makers will reinvent today's centralized power systems and integrate them with new, efficient microgrids." Investors and entrepreneurs will spot tomorrow's hottest technologies. Consumers will demand change from the powers that be. And environmentalists will take advantage of cleaner, greener energy sources available.We have the power to fulfill our energy needs, fix our old systems, forge ahead with new ideas, and fuel our dreams. It's Perfect Power.

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