How do you improve performance?Its all about behaviour. The behaviours that accelerate, sustain or block better performance. Performance expert Robin Stuart-Kotze reveals the secrets of behavioural change that have helped successful people, teams and managers around the world to get ahead, and stay ahead. &quote;Now and again, we find a book that is really important. Performance, by Robin Stuart-Kotze, is really, really important. In fact, I will go as far as to say that if you do not read this book, you are probably in dereliction of your duty as a manager.&quote; - The Working Manager&quote;I have rarely read a book that had me nodding so enthusiastically on virtually every page... Read this remarkable book&quote; - People Management, August 2006Fiddle around with spread-sheets if you must, but if you want to improve the performance of your business focus on the behaviour of your leaders. This book is a must-read Norman Green, Chief Operating Officer, Herbert Smith'I was so taken by the principles in this book that it will be essential reading for all our senior management in Europe 'Denny Kalman, HR Director, Panasonic Europe.This is an essential read for all our managers and HR professionals. It successfully links practical, observable insights into the need for behavioural change with easy to adopt tips on measurement when driving for high performance.Margaret Savage, Director HR Strategy and Systems, BT Group plc. A must read for anyone seeking to create organisational change and to encourage high team and personal performance. Powerful insights and everyday language - a winning combination! Chris Dunn, Business Development Director, AdviserPlus 'Improving performance is essential for all companies and individuals. Reading this book will be the best investment you make this year' George Campbell, President, Fall Line Systems, Canada This book hits the nail right on the head; its behaviour that drives performance and nothing else. It's what you do that gets results. Nigel Melville, former Captain of England Rugby&quote;What appeals first and foremost about the book is its sheer readability. The content is compelling and one just enjoys turning the pages to see what comes next. How many management books achieve that?&quote; Chris Tomkinson. Former Director of Rothmans InternationalTo my mind, improving business performance starts at the top. Finally, a book that helps you direct and coach the behaviour of leaders. Paul Fleming MD Britax Childcare EuropeWe all do hundreds of different things at work each day, but which ones really make a difference? And if youre managing other people, how do you improve their performance?Behaviour is what drives performance. Personality is not the issue. Definitive scientific research shows that less than 10% of the variance in a persons behaviour is explained by personality.Behaviour is the actions you take and the decisions you make. You can control these things; you can decide what to do and when to do it. You can see these things, and you can measure them. And because you can decide what to do in any situation you can determine, control and most importantly, improve, your performance. In fact, performance is all about doing the right thing at the right time. SO GET IT RIGHT - LEARN THE SECRETS OF SUCCESSFUL BEHAVIOUR AND SEE YOUR PERFORMANCE SOAR!

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