Your mind is a powerful tool. You just need to learnhow to master it. Thats where Performance Intelligencecomes in.The ability to perform your best when it mattersmost is a skill anyone can learn. A well-knownsports psychologist, Julie Ness Bell, Ph.D., hastrained some of the worlds greatest athletes, fromprofessional golfers and tennis stars to footballteams and basketball pros. Shes learned that theathletes ability to perform under extreme stressis predominantly mentalnot physicaland thebasic principles of peak performance are the samefor everyone, whether youre a corporate leader,team player, or small business owner.Principle #1: Your mind is powerful.Principle #2: You control your mind.Principle #3: You have a choice inevery situation.Think about it. Now think again. Thats the secretbehind Performance Intelligence at Work, a provenmethod of unblocking the obstacles in your brainand unlocking The Mind of a Champion.Performance Intelligence works for athletes, and itwill work for you, too. Throughout the book, Bellprovides specific examples from her vast coachingexperiences and relates them to the corporate playingfield. Each chapter ends with a Business LeaderHuddle to help you put each principle into action. You will learn how to recognize your old waysof thinking, refocus your thoughts on a goal, andestablish new routines to make it happen. Insteadof negative what-not-to-do thinking (I will notprocrastinate), youll be able to retrain your brainusing proactive what-to-do thinking (I will finishthis task today).Soon youll be performing at higherlevels than you ever thought possiblewith awinning mindset you never knew you had.

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