At long last, Gaius Petreius Ruso and his companion, Tilla, are headed home-to Gaul. Having received a note consisting only of the words "COME HOME!" Ruso has (reluctantly, of course) pulled up stakes and brought Tilla to meet his family.But the reception there is not what Ruso has hoped for: no one will admit to sending for him, and his brother Lucius is hoping hell leave. With Tilla getting icy greetings from his relatives, Lucius brother-in-law mysteriously drowned at sea, and the whole Ruso family being sued for bankruptcy, its hard to imagine an unhappier reunion. That is, until Severus, the plaintiff in the bankruptcy suit, winds up dead, and the real trouble begins...Engrossing, intricate, and-as always-wonderfully comic, Ruth Downies latest is a brilliant new installment in this irresistible series. This is everything weve come to expect from our charming, luckless hero.

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