This pocket guide is for all clinicians involved in the diagnosis, initial staging, and re-staging of malignancy who are interested in learning how to incorporate PET into clinical practice. It provides concise, coherent, and informative discussions that get to the heart of how to effectively use PET and PET/CT in patient management for a wide range of clinical conditions. Introductory chapters cover the fundamentals of PET imaging, including basic science, patient preparation, and logistical considerations. Current reimbursement issues are also addressed. The bulk of the guide examines PETs role in the management of patients afflicted with malignancies covered by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Additional chapters discuss PETs use for other important malignancies, including cervical cancer, sarcoma, and seminoma. Cardiologic and neurologic applications are outlined as well. The final chapter considers the appropriateness and limitations of PET in common clinical case scenarios.

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