Twenty years have passed since the Darling children visited Neverland. Grown-up now, with children of their own, they still dream of that magical place and the Boy who lives there. But their dreams come tinged with darkness. Something is wrong in Neverland - and it will take courage to put it right. With a puppy in one pocket and a fairy in another,Wendy, John and the Old Boys set off on a journey. What begins as a rescue mission soon turns into a voyage of discovery, a treasure hunt, and an adventure that takes them further than they ever imagined. Winner of a worldwide competition launched by the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children to write the official sequel to J.M.Barrie's masterpiece "Peter Pan", Geraldine McCaughrean brings you "Peter Pan in Scarlet", a story packed with all the danger, excitement and derring-do you could wish for.

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