Pharmaceutical Perspectives of Cancer Therapeutics covers a wide variety of therapeutic approaches including gene therapy, immunological therapy; cancer vaccines; strategy for solid tumors as well as for hematological cancers; methods to suppress tumor angiogenesis and metastasis; development and utilization of relevant animal models; introduction of new concepts such as cancer stem cells and new technologies, such as DNA and tissue microarrays; and RNA interference. In addition, clinical application, the development of DNA diagnosis biomarkers and cancer prevention, as well as the utilization of imaging in cancer therapy are also discussed. The use of synthetic carriers, such as lipids, polymers, and peptides for delivery and targeting of small molecules, proteins, and nucleic acids to cancer cells in vivo are discussed. Pharmaceutical Perspectives of Cancer Therapeutics also includes cancer therapy modality in surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy, as well as in combination or multi-modality, giving our book a more focused view of cancer therapy.

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