A comprehensive cross section of phase-space opticsThis definitive volume highlights an elegant, unified approach to optical rays, waves, and system design using cutting-edge phase-space techniques. Phase-Space Optics: Fundamentals and Applications details theoretical concepts of phase space as well as novel engineering applications in specific disciplines. This authoritative guide includes full coverage of sampling, superresolution imaging, and the phase-space interpretation of ultrafast optics. Work with Wigner optics, analyze phase-space equations, develop wave propagation models, and gain a new understanding of optical sources and systems. Discover how to:Describe optical phenomena using Wigner and ambiguity functionsPerform phase-space rotations using ray transformation matricesInfluence the trade-off between pupil size and depth of fieldAnalyze and design optical signals using the Radon-Wigner transformAccomplish superresolution by squeezing phase spaceInterpret the intimate relationship between radiometry and coherenceUse basic algebra to discover self-imaging, Fresnel diffraction, and the Talbot effectDevelop discrete models, sampling criteria, and interpolation formulaeWork with ultrafast processes and complex space-time structures

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