Perfect your skills in key photographic techniques with this value priced, three book bundle.The Photography Techniques Digital Field Guide three-book bundle includes full copies of Composition Digital Field Guide, Exposure Digital Field Guide, and Lighting Digital Field Guide.These three colorful Digital Field Guides are packed with expert advice to help you fully understand exposure, composition, and lighting. Learn to understand when shutter speed is more important than aperture, and vice versa; how to master the rule of thirds, leading lines, symmetry and balance; smart ways to control lighting with your camera and when to use speedlights; and more.Learn to compose the perfect photoPoor composition can't be edited away. With these rules and techniques, you can put together superb photos every time. Learn to apply them in a wide variety of situations, and even how and when to break the rules for that unforgettable image.Take control of exposurePhotography is the act of capturing light reflected from a scene onto a light-sensitive sensor. Exposure is controlling that light. Learn to do it with shutter speed, aperture, metering modes, ISO, exposure modes, flash, and an essential awareness of the light.See the light and harness its powerHere, you'll learn to be fully aware of the light and see its possibilities. Then you'll learn to manage and manipulate it with camera settings as well as auxiliary light sources. Finally, you'll see how to apply what you've learned in common photo-taking situations.Alan Hess is a commercial photographer specializing in concert and event photography, but his work includes everything from portraits to products. His images have appeared in numerous publications, and he has written four Digital Field Guides.Brian McLernon is a commercial freelance photographer, educator, and writer. He photographs primarily for editorial, commercial, corporate, and lifestyle clients, and has also written Digital Field Guides on Canon cameras and Speedlites.

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