Two types of perfection. One tool to achieve both. Restoration returns a faded or damaged photo to its original perfection. Retouching transforms an image into something more than it was. While the goals may be different, the best tool to achieve either objective is the same — Photoshop CS5. This book covers every step in both processes, from managing your files with Adobe Bridge to fine–tuning with Photoshop?s powerful refining tools. Enhance your Photoshop skills as well as your images. Deepen your knowledge of editing fundamentals —tonality, color management, color correction, and working with layers Assess the damage to a photo and repair tears, stains, and missing pieces Work effectively with black–and–white images Retouch portraits to eliminate braces, blemishes, wrinkled clothing, and even remove glares on eyeglasses Discover how to enhance architectural photos with appropriate retouching Companion...

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