Narrow gap semiconductors obey the general rules of semiconductor science, but often exhibit extreme features of these rules because of the same properties that produce their narrow gaps. Consequently, these materials provide sensitive tests of theory, and the opportunity for the design of innovative devices. For example, narrow gap semiconductors are the most important materials for the preparation of advanced modern infrared systems. In this book, the authors offer clear descriptions of crystal growth and the fundamental structure and properties of these unique materials. Topics covered include band structure, optical and transport properties, and lattice vibrations and spectra. A thorough treatment of the properties of low-dimensional systems and their relation to infrared applications is provided. In addition to covering the technology of photoconductive detectors, photovoltaic detectors, metal-insulator-semiconductor devices, quantum well infrared photodetectors, infrared lasers, and single photon detectors, Physics and Properties of Narrow Gap Semiconductors helps readers to understand semiconductor physics and related areas of materials science and how they relate to advanced opto-electronic devices.

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