The monograph summarizes some fundamental theories of continua, in particular those with defect content, and develops asymmetric theory of continuum; the idea of spin and twist motions, the latter related to the shear axes oscillations, leads to the complex rotation field governed by the equations analogues to electromagnetic field. Experimental evidence related to seismic rotation motions is discussed from the point of view of interactive processes in an earthquake source zone and for the near-ground effects. Some synchronization effects between spin and twist motions discovered in a near-earthquake field are discussed and corroborated by theoretically derived solutions; this interaction appears as a correlated motion between rotation and strain, shifted in phase. The asymmetric theory includes such correlated solutions which had not been expected in the previous theories of continua. The new approach is extended also for the soliton wave theory with applications to fluid mechanics. Investigated space geometry approach to asymmetric and degenerated continua points to an analogy in the general relativity.

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