'But, Pirate Captain, you love being a pirate, said Jennifer.'Thats because I was looking at piracy through rose-tinted spectacles, the Captain replied. 'Theres very little job security. The hours are terrible. And I keep finding barnacles in my belly button.The Pirate Captain has finally had enough. Still reeling from the crushing disappointment at the Pirate of the Year Awards, he decides its time to hang up his hat and ditch his cutlass. Begrudging followed by his sceptical but loyal crew, the Captain fixes his sights on a quiet life on the island of St Helena. But his retirement plan is rudely disrupted by the arrival of another visitor to the island - the recently deposed Napoleon Bonaparte. Has the Pirate Captain finally met his match? Is the islands twenty-eight mile circumference big enough to contain two of historys greatest egos? And will the Pirates be able to settle the biggest question of all: who has the best hat?

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