Rodney Congruent (son of Watson Congruent of "The Return of Captain Conquer" fame) fears he will never have the sort of adventures his parents had. Then he receives an envelope full of transporting glitter, and ends up on an alien spaceship. The aliens, Grubber and Drum, say that they're searching for new exhibits for The Planetoid of Amazement, although Rodney is skeptical of their motives. Then he's kidnapped by Mara and Grits, two more creatures who are willing to do just about anything to get Rodney to tell them the location of the Legendary Treasure Planet (which he knows nothing about). The new aliens are members of the Slignathi, the most evil race in the galaxy. Will Grubber and Drum help Rodney save the Earth--or will they turn out to be Slignathi themselves! A fun-filled science fiction adventure!

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