If your dreams of a fairytale wedding have been clouded by a crippling fear of the open bar bill and nightmares of your discounted DJ grinding on your "single and ready to mingle" grandmother, then Planning Your Wedding Sucks will prove to be more vital than that glass of wine you crave every time you hear the phrase "nonrefundable deposit." In this no-holds-barred guide to the most important party you'll ever attend, you'll learn: When it comes to your budget, size does matter; How to create a guest list without sparking family drama that makes an episode of Cops look civilized; When to book your vendors so you don't end up with a wedding that screams "Plan B"; How to play nice with Momzilla and your brand-new monster-in-law; Ways to avoid filing for divorce before your first dance; The tricks to navigating the logistical nightmare that is your seating chart. Alongside Joanne Kimes's signature Sucks humor, bridal industry insider Elena Donovan Mauer offers her expertise (and brutal honesty) to guide you through planning for the big day without pulling your hair, pawning your ring, or killing that guy who got you in this mess to begin with.

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