Various plant metabolites are useful for human life, and the induction and reduction of these metabolites using modern biotechnical technique is of enormous potential important especially in the fields of agriculture and health. Plant Metabolism and Biotechnology describes the biosynthetic pathways of plant metabolites, their function in plants, and some applications for biotechnology. Topics covered include: biosynthesis and metabolism of starch and sugarslipid biosynthesissymbiotic nitrogen fixationsulfur metabolismnucleotide metabolismpurine alkaloid metabolismnicotine biosynthesisterpenoid biosynthesisbenzylisoquinoline alkaloid biosynthesismonoterpenoid indole alkaloid biosynthesisflavonoid biosynthesispigment biosynthesis: anthocyanins, betacyanins and carotenoidsmetabolomics in biotechnologyPlant Metabolism and Biotechnology is an essential guide to this important field for researchers and students of biochemistry, plant biology, metabolic engineering, biotechnology, food science, agriculture, and medicine.

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