The Pledge: Diana Song, steely legal counsel and all-around fixer for Macalister Enterprises. The Goal: Same as always: do her job. The Conditions: Complete the Player's Club initiation challenges...then shut it down. The Complication: Finn Macalister, the boss' son, sexy daredevil and Club stalwart. Finn has always loved living on the edge...and what's more exciting than seducing the famously frosty (yet incredibly hot) family lawyer? He knows Diana's been tasked with getting him to quit the Player's Club: that makes her the enemy. And you know the old saying: keep your friends close, your enemies closer! Diana thinks she's got this assignment in the bag, but she's unprepared for Finn--he's charming, smart and! Still, she won't be tempted--her job, her reputation is on the line. That is, until Finn makes her the one offer she can't refuse.... The Player's Club It'll change your life.

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