Praise for Pleasing the Dead... "Atkinson [mixes] realistic stories of contemporary Hawaii with facts about the islands' past. The combination goes far beyond the tunnel-vision tourist's view." -Booklist Some nasty predators dwell in paradise and they are not all hiding in the azure waters. The day attorney Storm Kayama arrives in Kahului to help Lara Farrell set up her new dive shop, someone bombs a restaurant. When one of Lara's employees, a recent Japanese immigrant, kills himself and one of his young daughters, Storm begins to ask questions. The tenacles of Yakuza, the dangerous Japanese branch of organized crime, ensnare local businesses, real estate, and politics, exploiting underage women and eliminating anyone who dares face up to them. Soon Storm finds herself up against a lethal and faceless enemy, in a place where disposing of a victim is easy as dumping her in shark-infested waters. Deborah Turrell Atkinson lives in Hawaii with her husband...

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