POACHERS AND POACHING "Knowledge Never Learned in Schools" By JOHN WATSON. This scarce title was first published in London 1891. It was written by a well known author who also contributed many poaching and natural history articles to the sporting press of that era. It is much sought after and valuable in its first edition. READ COUNTRY BOOKS has now re-published it using the original text. The book's 340 pages contain 14 chapters on poaching throughout the British Isles by man, beast and bird. Natural history anecdotes abound, with detailed notes on the ways of various wildlife :- Poachers and Poaching. - Badgers and Otters. - Couriers of the Air. (Bird flight) - Tracks and Tracking. - British Birds Nests and Eggs. - Minor British Game Birds. - Water Poachers. - Wild Ducks and Duck Decoying. - Field and Covert Poachers. - Workers in Woodcraft. - Sketches from Nature. etc. This fascinating work is thoroughly recommended for inclusion on the bookshelf of all sportsmen/naturalists. Many...

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