A renowned sculptor from China, Professor Wu Weishan stands out in China's art arena — indeed, in the entire cultural fraternity — with his unique sculpting styles and original theoretical views. His series of creative works that feature China's historical and cultural celebrities showcase his freehand sculpting technique and his concept of the “eight major styles of Chinese sculpture”, which directly challenge the phenomenon of contemporary art steeped so heavily in values derived from Western popular art and Russian realism.This book documents the different stages of Wu Weishan's pursuits, struggles, and creations. It records his dealings with eminent figures in the science, cultural, and art arenas, such as Yang Zhenning, Ji Xianlin, Wu Guanzhong, and Xiong Bingming. His art notes, excerpts from his theoretical essays, and images of some selected sculptures are also included. From here, readers can get a glimpse of an artist's inner world during his growing years — how he devoutly approached life and art against the backdrop of contemporary society and culture.

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