Revised and updated, this is a new edition of a core undergraduate resource on Political Geography. Unique in the teaching literature, Political Geography (published originally as Politics, Geography, and 'Political Geography' ) retains its focus on the social and cultural, while systematically overviewing the entire discipline. The text explains: Politics, geography, and political" geography: power, resources, institutions, and the history of political geography. State formation: classical views as well as recent work on governance and governmentality. Welfare state to workfare state: the restructuring of present state strategies. Democracy citizenship, law: different models of democracy from Held to Mouffe; democracy citizenship, law in European and global context. Electoral geography. Identity and social movements: the relation between identity and political action. Nationalism and regionalism: ethnicity, national identity, "otherness". Imperialism and post-colonialism: the theoretical literature from World Systems Theory to post-structuralist accounts. Geopolitics: the political, economic, and strategic significance of geography, illustrated with examples from recent world politics. Comprehensive, accessible and illustrated with real world examples, Political Geography provides undergraduates with a thorough understanding of the relationship between geography and politics."

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