Pompey the Great was one of the most important military commanders and politicians in the history of the Roman republic. Ruthless and manipulative –– "moderate in everything but seeking domination," according to the historian Sallust –– he also inspired devotion from his soldiers and friends. His achievements –– including the defeat of Rome?s most dangerous enemy, the conquest of large territories in the Near East, and the suppression of piracy in the Mediterranean – made him worthy of comparison with his namesake, Alexander the Great. This clearly written and dynamic biography is ideal for readers interested in the last generation of the Roman republic, the age of Lucullus, Crassus, Cato, Cicero and Julius Caesar. The book features a substantial introduction providing the historical background essential for understanding Pompey?s career. Its afterword assesses the most up–to–date scholarship on the age of Pompey. A chronological table and glossary orient newcomers to Roman...

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