Which force was more likely to have penetrated your essence and shaped your destiny if you were born in February of 1964: the orbital shufflings of Mars and Jupiter, or the explosive rise of the stars called the Beatles? By linking your personality and potential to the star who ruled the pop universe at the moment of your birth, Popstrology offers an entirely new approach to illuminating your spirit and your soul. Could the roots of your chronic restlessness lie in the fact that you are a Commodore born in the Year of Debby Boone? Could your crippling sexual inhibition result from being a Pat Boone born in the Year of Elvis Presley? Yes, they could. Could Britney Spears have been born under the influence of anything other than Olivia Newton-John's "Physical"? No, she couldn't. Fresh, funny and remarkably persuasive, this groundbreaking book reveals the powers hidden in a galaxy of stars we all can name, and in so doing gives us the right sign for modern times. Ian Van Tuyl is a Double Monkee and the author of the original Princeton Review Guide to the Best U.S. Law Schools.

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