Market fluctuations are a fact of life for all investors. The challenge is to ensure our portfolios have the physical vitality to withstand the constant strain placed upon them by ever-changing markets. Portfolio First Aid writes the prescriptions needed to heal all manner of investment injuries. Suitable for all investors from the novice to the veteran, Portfolio First Aid provides a dose of clear, easy-to-follow preventive medicine to keep portfolios healthy and vibrant.Portfolio First Aid:Diagnoses the source of the most common portfolio ailments.Provides practical advice for any investor, whether you invest on your own or with the help of a professional.Covers all the steps to healthier investing: balancing your portfolio, investing for income, building wealth, working with an advisor, managing risk, minimizing your costs, benchmarking the performance of your investments, and more.Offers clear prescriptions for building a healthier portfolio."We all make investment mistakes. Portfolio First Aid is packed with advice on how to avoid themand with profit.

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