Potassium ions K+ ions are vital in physiological processes, particularly with regard to the cardiovascular system. Modulators influence the channels through which these ions flow and the research into modulator drugs of these channels is the subject of rapidly-advancing research. This work is intended to be of use as a tool for those working in the pharmaceutical industry. Early chapters concentrate on the synthesis and structure-activity relationships of potassium channel modulators. These are followed by discussion on the application of these drugs to different target organs, such as the cardiovascular system and the airways. The book concludes with a broad overview of clinical experience and future prospects.; The authors show how potassium channel activators and potassium channel blockers each have a role to play as therapeutic agents for many disorders, including asthma and respiratory tract disorders, diseases of the central nervous system such as epilepsy, and vascular diseases such as angina, peripheral vascular disease and high blood pressure. This book should therefore also be of interest to those researching into this wide range of diseases.

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