The worlds most profitable companies share twothings in common: quality of management andmanagement capital. Combining leadership passionfor creating growth and profitability (qualityof management) and the effective deployment ofresources for accelerating growth (managementcapital) is the formula for thriving in the 21stcentury.The Power of Management Innovation is a clearroadmap for delivering these critical drivers ofsuccess to your own organization. Incorporatingthe most pertinent points from his classic bookThe Power of Management Capital, creator of theTQM movement Armand V. Feigenbaum, alongwith systems management and technology expertDonald S. Feigenbaum, lays out 24 actionablekeys for applying systematic management andleadership models to your company, includinghow to:Foster constant innovationthroughout your companyIntegrate the newesttechnology resourcesCreate, expand, and redefineyour marketCombine the power of hardand soft assetsDiffuse responsibility throughall levels of operationsEliminate obstacles toproduct and service valueOperationalize yourcommitment to qualityCreate strategic alliancesand partnershipsFocus on customers, investors,and other stakeholdersApply the insights of The Power of ManagementInnovation and youll soon find yourselfleadingnot followingthe pack in todaysenormously demanding and brutally competitivebusiness environment.

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