Identify and Solve Key Electric-Power-Quality Problemsand Ensure Reliable Power Delivery to All CustomersPower Quality in Electrical Systems equips you with the latest engineering techniques for providing power quality to all customers, and includes vital information on manufacturing, data processing, and healthcare facilities. Based on an IEEE Professional Education course, the book is a practice-oriented engineering tutorial for solving key electric-power-quality problems. This skills-building resource is designed to improve job performance by taking you step-by-step through voltage distortionharmonic current sourcespower capacitorscorrections for power-quality problems switched-mode power suppliesuninterruptible power suppliesstandby power systemspower-quality measurementsand more. Filled with 100 detailed illustrations, Power Quality in Electrical Systems enables you to:Spot and correct key electric-power-quality problemsAchieve full compliance with IEEE standards Examine switched-mode power supplies, rectifiers, and other loads that produce interferenceCatch up on the latest standby power systemsGet vital information on power quality for manufacturing, data processing, and healthcare facilitiesExplore power-quality case studies with problems and worked solutionsInside This Comprehensive Power-Quality Guide Power-quality standards Voltage distortion Harmonics Harmonic current sources Power harmonic filters Switched-mode power supplies Corrections for power-quality problems Uninterruptible power supplies Power-quality events Standby power systems Power-quality measurements

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