Vigor is one of the finest boating writers of our time.--Cruising WorldYou name it, its in here. Covers every boating situation. This book is both informative and entertaining.--Latitudes & AttitudesJohn Vigor is the answer guy if youre having onboard arguments about nautical terminology or the science of sailing in general, and his new book lives up to the promise in its title.--Good Old BoatWhether its boat maintenance, navigation, boat handling in all kinds of weather, or the physics of how boats function, every sailor and powerboater needs a comprehensive go-to source for specialized information. Now you have it with The Practical Encyclopedia of Boating: Addresses virtually every aspect of powerboating and sailing in 500 entries Covers seamanship and boat handling, navigation, routine boat maintenance, boat design and building, and nautical reference data Ranges from vital techniques--such as recovering overboard crew and measuring distances off--to essential concepts like reading the water and sky and evaluating a boats seaworthiness Includes numerous cross-references and an exhaustive index to direct you quickly to the right entry and to unify related topics Makes delightful browsing as well as a source of sound guidance for practically any boating situation

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