Currently in its third edition, the NEC suite has become one of the UKs leading families of standard forms of contract for major construction and civil engineering projects. Part of the NEC suite, the Professional Services Contract (PSC) was drafted with the same process-based approach and objectives, offering a standard contract for the appointment of consultants providing professional services in an engineering or construction project. Embodying best practice in terms of project management, the basic philosophy of the PSC differs from the principles and approach of other standard contracts used to appoint consultants.This book is a practical guide to the application of the PSC. Starting with a brief discussion of the background and philosophy behind the PSC, it identifies the roles and responsibilities of each of the named functions within the contract, explains the approaches required to achieve a successful working relationship between all parties, and examines all the procedures in the PSC. The book explains the links between the various sections of the contract to assist the reader with cross referencing, and covers all the variations created by the Main and Secondary Options. As a very practical guide it will aid users in the transition from their use and understanding of the other standard contracts to the collaborative project management-based approach of the PSC.Written for anyone working in the construction and related industries using the PSC to procure or provide consultancy services in relation to a construction project, it will be of interest to the complete construction supply chain, particularly architects, structural engineers, services (M&E) engineers, civil engineers, quantity surveyors and interior designers, together with Contractors and Sub-Contractors who have a design liability and employ consultants to assist them. It will also be of interest to consultants and lawyers advising any of these parties, either in the preparation of contract documentation or the resolution of problem situations which may arise.

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