With its life-threatening implications for both mothers and babies, pre-eclampsia continues to be one of the medical communities greatest challenges. The extremely variable clinical presentations reflect the complexity of the underlying pathology. Edited by renowned experts, Pre-Eclampsia: Current Perspectives on Management presents a comprehensive overview of the condition.Beginning with a historical review, the book covers current perspectives on the etiology of the condition including genetic aspects, the role of trophoblast invasion, the placenta, and the widespread endothelial cell activation which is a feature of the disease. The section on clinical presentation focuses on screening for pre-eclampsia, the varied presentations, and progression of the condition. The editors discuss the management of mild to moderate disease and on the labor ward management of severe, fulminated pre-eclampsia. They include chapters on the implication for anesthetists and for assessment of the fetus. The long-term complications of the disease for subsequent health of the pregnant women are reviewed and the text concludes with a section on further therapeutic strategies.The editors' approach, integrating reviews of both pathogenesis and management issues, makes the book a comprehensive, single-volume resource. Written by a multidisciplinary team, the book provides a multi-faceted update on the complex syndrome pre-eclampsia.

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