An essential guide for the realities of pregnant life in CanadaIs it okay to dye your hair when you are pregnant? How about eating sushi? What about epidurals and back tattoos? Pregnancy should be a joy, not a worry. Pregnancy For Canadians For Dummies addresses commonly asked questions, clears up myths, and offers solid advice from real, medically-based data. Topics include:A trimester-by-trimester look at your baby's development. Find out what's normal - and what's notNew findings about the treatment of pre-term labour and Down syndrome screening, and available options for detecting various problemsWhat to expect during labor and deliveryThe latest news on prenatal testing, premature and multiple births, anesthesia and cesarean deliveriesWhen the unexpected happens: recurrent miscarriages, late-pregnancy loss, fetal abnormalitiesPregnancy For Canadians For Dummies will offer comfort and reassurance while serving as a guide to what mother and baby experience before, during, and just after birth.

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