Pregnant on the Upper East Side? Emilie Rose Millionaire legal eagle Alex Harper had been in hot pursuit of Amanda for months - until he hired her to plan an event. Working with Alex was like playing with fire, and Amanda allowed herself one night to let loose. But her body craved him again - even as she wondered if their passion would come back to haunt her in nine months... The Billionaire in Penthouse B Anna DePalo A rich, powerful loner, Gage fitted the description of the man who might have information about the mystery of Jacinda Endicott's sister. Which was why Jacinda had taken a job at Gage's penthouse as his live-in maid. By day, she hunted for clues; by night, she fought her attraction to the sexy, secretive billionaire. PARK AVENUE SCANDALS 721 Park Avenue...the ultimate address for glamorous secrets!

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