The Secrets to Long-Term Business HealthLike any business, a hospital must be true to its core values in order to succeed. Trickle-down values start at the top with the best leadership, so that all the stakeholders understand and carry out the institutions mission. That is the gift that David F einberg has brought to U CLA. I am in awe of hismanagement skills.Lynda Resnick, owner of Pom Wonderful, Fiji Water,Teleflora, and Wonderful PistachiosWith clear purpose, unwavering principles, and steadfast leadership, thepeople at UCLA have established a new bar, a compelling promise, for whathealthcare can and should be.David M. Lawrence, M.D., former CEO, Kaiser PermanenteAn absorbing and educational account of a large institutions astonishingtransformation. The strong, courageous, and focused leadership of DavidFeinberg and his outstanding team is evident on every page. A tremendouslesson for all large enterprises.William E. Simon, Jr., cochairman, William E. Simon & SonsMost leadership authors describe how to apply common-sense principles.Michelli is a notable exception. He artfully describes the compelling, uncommonleadership practices that transformed UCLA Health System. Theresulting lessons are plentiful and powerful for todays business leader.Lee J. Colan, Ph.D., author of Sticking to It: The Art of AdherenceAbout the Book:Joseph Michelli, author of The StarbucksExperience and The New Gold Standard,is among the worlds top authorities on theprinciples of creating an organizational culturededicated to service excellence. In thesebestselling books, he examines how leadingservice companies dominate their respectiveindustries with innovative customerexperiencestrategies.Now, Michelli turns his attention to oneof the most complex, controversial, and criticalindustrieshealthcare.In Prescription for Excellence, Michelliprovides an inside look at an organizationthat has become the envy of its industryandexplains how you can dominate your own industryby using the same approach.UCLA Health System is revered worldwidefor its top-tier patient/customer care. Greatphysicians, nurses, researchers, and staff areonly part of the equation; UCLAs overallsuccess is a result of organization-widecollaboration that is driven by leaders witha shared vision of unyielding excellence.Michelli breaks down UCLAs approach intofive simple principles:Commit to CareLeave No Room for ErrorMake the Best BetterCreate the FutureService Serves UsFrom administrative offices to operatingrooms to research centers, continued adherenceto these five principles has guided UCLAto financial strength, social significance, andsustainability.The best part is that these principles translateto any industry, so you, too, can achievesimilar goals. Michelli gives you the tools toadapt UCLAs ideas, systems, and leadershipprinciples into your own best practices.Whether it is a healthcare organization, afinancial institution, or a neighborhood hairsalon, good business begins and ends withcustomer connection. When all workers inan organization focus on providing qualitycare for those they serve, success inevitablyfollows.Business is always personal; UCLAs leadershipensures that this simple truth drivesevery UCLA employee, every day. Apply thelessons Michelli spells out in Prescription forExcellence to create a system that ensures thatyour people take business personally, day inand day out.

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