Childhood and teenage pregnancy continues to pose significant social and health concerns within the UK and beyond. It is an issue that has implications for individuals across a range of professions and disciplines. This book is written for nurses, midwives, doctors, social workers and teachers, as well as students of sexual and reproductive health and welfare. It highlights some of the issues faced by sexually active young people and those who work with them. It will also be useful to general readers with a broad interest in the area, or the topic of particular chapters, which are structured to allow readers to dip into topics as necessary. However we would encourage readers to read the book as a whole for a broader understanding of the issues. Contents include: The range and scope of early age sexual activity A child of our time Adolescent risk-taking in sexual behaviours Pharmacological contraceptive prescribing for young people Promoting sexual health in primary schools Leanne: A snapshot of teenage sexual experience Local initiatives: A sexual health doctor s experience

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