This is a practical guide to the optimal clinical management of preterm labour, using the best available evidence. Preterm labour remains a challenge today, even with the latest developments summarised here. The editors and authors (mostly practising clinicians) are all actively involved in research into the mechanisms, aetiology, treatment and associated outcomes of preterm labour. The chapters are based on common clinical scenarios and each provides a comprehensive literature review followed by evidence-based recommendations on appropriate management. A summary of the pathophysiology of parturition is provided, and the obstetric scenarios cover management of threatened preterm labour, management of preterm premature ruptured membranes and management of preterm labour with specific complications (such as intrauterine growth restriction). Other chapters include the epidemiology, the prediction and the prevention of preterm labour. Anaesthetic and paediatric issues are explored in depth, and there are chapters on legal and organisational issues around preterm labour.

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