In 2002, three British businessmen found themselves at the centre of the storm surrounding bankrupt US energy giant Enron, when they awoke one morning to see themselves on the breakfast news, accused by US prosecutors of defrauding their own bank in London. Under new extradition laws designed to combat terrorism the US government needed merely to allege a crime had happened to deport the three from the UK. The 'NatWest Three', as they quickly became known, embarked upon a campaign against the new law. They were supported by a coalition of national newspapers, civil liberties groups, business leaders and politicians, but were ultimately unsuccessful and were sent to face trial in Texas in July 2006. In this book, David Bermingham tells for the first time the full story of the NatWest Three, including their time in America, with no holds barred. "Will shock any businessman operating in the USA." David Carruthers - (Former) CEO BETonSPORTS plc. "Read this and give a copy to a friend." Shami Chakrabarti - Director, Liberty "First-class". Janis Sharp - Mother of Gary McKinnon "You must read this book." Babar Ahmad - in prison since 2004 fighting extradition to the US

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