"From the inspiring chapter quotes, to relevant historical and current research, to practical clinical directions, Primer on Posttraumatic Growth takes a giant step toward both grounding us and moving us ahead with strong hope for adjustment and growth in the post-trauma/loss world. This is a comprehensive, practical, and readable work that should be at hand for any mental health clinician, pastoral care professional, or student preparing for these professions."—J. Shep Jeffreys, EdD, FT, author of Helping Grieving People—When Tears Are Not Enough: A Handbook for Care Providers, Second EditionA guide for helping your clients overcome negative events, based on the latest research on posttraumatic growthDrawing on the growing empirical and theoretical material on posttraumatic growth—an outgrowth of the positive psychology movement—Primer on Posttraumatic Growth provides insight, depth, and treatment recommendations for both the clinicians who work with those who have experienced dramatic negative events in their lives and for other professionals who support victims of trauma and extreme stress.This essential primer examines:The connections between meaning and growthThe impact of cognitive processing on posttraumatic growthPositive emotion and posttraumatic growthPosttraumatic growth and an "open" personalityThe human drive to be in positive and important interpersonal relationshipsForgiveness: can it be extended towards all areas of posttraumatic growth?Posttraumatic growth and religious and spiritual variablesWisdom and posttraumatic growth

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