Three gorgeous Australian brothers need babies...and wives! A sensual trilogy from Bronwyn Jameson The Rugged Loner Angelina was scandalised that, after she'd offered to bear the Carlisle heir his father's will demanded, Tomas had dared to suggest that they make a baby...without sharing a bed. Well, she wanted him to choose a better, more intimate way. She wanted the man she loved... The Rich Stranger Desperate Catriona McConnell had gambled her debts against marriage and a baby - and she'd lost! So now she was handsome tycoon Rafe Carlisle's wife, destined to have his child, and she'd suddenly realised she wanted more. The Ruthless Groom He needed a wife and he needed her tonight. Enter Zara Lovett with her killer legs and explosive chemistry, but it wasn't the fireworks between them that drove Alex - he needed to meet the terms of his father's will. All he had to do was make Zara say yes!

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