World-renowned psychiatrist Viktor Frankl?s Man?s Search for Meaning was named by the Library of Congress as one of the ten most influential books of the 20th century. Dr. Frankl?s personal story of finding a reason to live in the most horrendous of circumstances?Nazi concentration camps?has inspired millions. In his international bestseller, Prisoners of Our Thoughts, Dr. Alex Pattakos?who was urged by Frankl to write this book?shows how Frankl?s philosophy and approach can help readers find meaning in every moment of their lives. This revised and updated second edition features new stories and examples of people who have applied the principles in the book or who exemplify them; new practical exercises and applications; and a new chapter, ?The Meaning Difference.? This new chapter summarizes research demonstrating the critical role of meaning in improving the quality of people?s lives, increasing happiness, and promoting health and wellness

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