His lips closed on hers, his eyes reduced to glittering pinpricks in the half-light. With the sharpness of the bitter night nipping at her naked skin, the taste of his kisses was overwhelming and she let out a long throaty sob... It's a shock to Phoebe Williams when her university tutor quits during the build-up to her final exams. Replacement Gerrard Gottlieb is a very different kind of teacher - arrogant, harsh and challenging - with the desire, so it seems to Phoebe, to turn her safe and undemanding life upside down. Under Gottlieb's influence, Phoebe takes a fresh look at herself - and glimpses the raw hunger for sensual satisfaction that gnaws within her. Suddenly she yearns for wild and frantic passion, for new experiences that will lead her to discover the depths of her true sensual nature. With the cruel eyes of her new tutor upon her, Phoebe sets out to complete her private education...

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