The world is changing and has neverbeen more challenging to private equityplayers, public companies, and investors. Withrecord market volatility and a global economiccrisis, decision makers of all types canlearn from successful private equity playersand other top value builders. Private equity is growing at a rapid rate, with $2.7 trillion intransactions since 2001 and buyouts occurringin every type of market, including decliningones. And now, with the end of investmentbanks as we know them, the door is open tomore opportunities than ever.In The Private Equity Edge, economics giantArthur B. Laffer, along with value-buildingexperts William J. Hass and Shepherd G.Pryor IV, combines the concepts of intrinsicvalue, macroeconomics, and incentives intoa single strategy used by todays top valuebuilders. Youll learn how to create valuewhile reducing risk by:Thoroughly exploring relevant datato quantify ranges of value and riskAnticipating reactions of thosewhom you seek to influenceExploring possibilities and optionsbefore making major decisionsEmploying incentive systems that workin both up and down marketsExamples of major private equity playersat Blackstone, KKR, Carlyle, Cerberus, andMadison Dearborne Partners illustrate whatto do and what to avoid in specific situations.Decision makers seeking to take full advantageof the new, interconnected world ofbusiness and economics will learn how tomake the best decision the first time around,quickly and with convictionthe key toseizing the private equity edge.

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