The last 30 years have witnessed stockmarket booms and busts, economicprosperity and downturns, various presidentialadministrations, and technologicalrevolutions. Through it all, Victor Hallmanand Jerry Rosenbloom's classic guidebook, which previously was titled Personal Financial Planning in its first through seventh edition, has retained its status as the most accurate and up-to-date resource to help Americansprotect their futures by investing wisely, insuringtheir families, and planning for theirestates and retirements.Now, with Private Wealth Management, EighthEdition, money managers and personal investorsonce again have a reliable resource of personalfinancial management guidance that iscomplete with essential new material addressingthe latest trends in financial planning.These historic economic times call for newguidance. Hallman and Rosenbloom deliverwith new chapters on asset protectionplanning, cash flow analysis, and interestaccumulation concepts, as well as increasedcoverage of common stock investments andalternative investments. Additionally, in-depthand up-to-date attention is given to the TaxRelief Act of 2004 and the Pension ProtectionAct of 2006.This proven wealth-building tool featurescutting-edge financial thinking and highreturn/low-risk strategies in virtually everyapplicable area, includingIndex fundsValue investingDollar-cost averagingFixed-income investingProfit-sharing plansStock bonus plans401(k) plansSimplified employee pension plansEstate planningGift taxesGeneration-skipping transfer taxesIncome and capital gainstax planningHealth insurance plans includingHMOsPersonal risk managementFrom setting financial objectives and understandingthe planning process to investing inequities and fixed-income securities, PrivateWealth Management offers an effective, coordinatedprocess that shows readers how toplan a prosperous financial future in todaysno-guarantee financial environment.

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