Pro J2ME Polish is written for wireless and other mobile Java programmers who want to improve their efficiency and acquire in-depth knowledge about programming real world J2ME applications. It describes the leading open-source tool for tackling device differences and creating "polished" mobile applications. It also uncovers all common device limitations and quirks and explains how these can be circumvented.
The book consists of a whole suite of tools for wireless programmers to use to optimize applications for multiple devices or to localize their applications in two simple steps. It also explains how to change the logging level for specific classes or packages, or to remove all logging parts completely from the application by setting simple switches.
Moreover, the author includes a device database with all relevant data for programming in J2ME and provides a game API for MIDP/1.0 devices that is compatible with the MIDP/2.0 game, so readers can automatically port their game to MIDP/1.0 devices.
And for programmers who want to use animated backgrounds, different designs for the application user interface, or Custom Items on MIDP/1.0 devices, this book explains in full detail why the GUI of J2ME is the key.

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